Thursday, May 18


"Hey, you, can I ask you do you know CPR?" the man in the uniform
behind the counter asked. 'You just did' I thought, and felt my wrist
wounds. "Yeah, of course!" I replied and continued walking. Sorry, I
don't do life-saving, I do the life-wrecking. Ironic, isn't it? I
start to wonder how many times I've used the word irony. You know, I
used to see myself as someone who had defeated faith or something
like that. Because I MANAGED things. I MANAGED to have male friends,
to score Christian, to be true to myself, to be a good person. I've
lost a lot. Continuesly, throug the last 3 moths, I've fallen further
down below. I've become weak. What do I have left? Friends, people
say. True, but friends don't take the place of Dignity, Pride and
Respect. I'm writing this post on my mobile. I'm outside of
Christian's house, waiting for him to come home. It's raining.

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