Sunday, May 21

barbie is a lesbian

Ignore how awful I look in this picture, and focus on her lips on mine. Because, ladies and gentlemen, this was the moment captured, where I wanted to freeze time. She is a wonderful kisser. I love the game called "Pandoras box". All the contestans put about 10 notes in a box with questions and dares, and you take turns picking a note and either doing the dare, answering the question or drinking the rest of your drink. I made three notes saying "Kiss Christina.". I was lucky enough to draw the last one left. I think the kiss lasted about 4 seconds. She is so beautiful.

When I came home from that drunking night, I called Christian and told him about the cuts in my arm. He completely overreacted, saying how ill I was and that I needed help. He was yelling and sounded so scared. I don't get it. I promised him I would stop doing it. When I hung up, I did one more cut. I did one the following morning as well. I have to do one tonight as well. I don't feel so good.

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Anonymous Spooky Cookie said ... (16:30) : 

hey Sofie, that's getting serious now :( I'm worried. get help, don't let it get you please.
kiss as many girls as you want to but stop hurting yourself physically


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