Thursday, December 29


New years eve is coming up, and that day always makes me think about the passing year. Normally that doesn't leave much to think about. Although, this year has definitely brought me far. All my life my pace has been similar to a snails, but this year I've been a real peregrine falcon. If I take a look at the year gone by; it all started in January.

Saturday, January 15

I guess I can't sneak my way out of telling you about last night. So.. I got drunk. It wasn't as bad as I'd expected.. Well, not during the drunkness, but afterwards - now - when I think back on all the people I called. Damn it.

That was the first time I got drunk. Also the month I gave my first blowjob.

Thursday, February 24

Our hamster, Perle, died this morning. With nothing being said for fun; I honestly believe that Perle has gone to Hamster-Heaven and is hanging out with all his new hamster mates. That's a thought I like.
We lost Perle.. So sad. I miss the little suicidal hamster.

Wednesday, March 23

p.p.s i like andreas' unheard-of friend kristian. he's so funny, nice and he reminds me of magnus.
The month I met Christian. Also the month I gave Peter a handjob underneath the table at the LAN-party. The month I got my second drunken kiss by Henrik, whom was VERY VERY good at it. The month I found out that I had hurt Peter sooo much.

Wednesday, April 20

First; Peter is now my boyfriend. I'm not sure if I'm in love with him. Ok, I'm not. When I'm with him I feel like I can live without him...
The month I lost my virginity to Peter. The month I fell in love with Christian. The month I started dating Peter.

Sunday, April 3

remember that way old sentence: "i'm not in love"?

i'm not in love... but i like him so so so so so so so much!! he's so nice, so sweet, so goodlooking, so funny, oh sooo funny, so smart.. so.. perfect! i can't believe it! i'm thinking about him all the time, i can't stop talking about him. i want to see him. when i see him; i smile. i laugh when he laughs... i've fallen for him, i think, and i don't even know him.

Those were the dadys. It's Christian I'm talking about there, by the way. I was so head over heals.

Tuesday, May 17

I dragged him to the bathroom and kissed him. Since then he's been extraordinarily happy. If what I did was extremely bad or just very bad, I'm not sure, but I don't believe in regretting. I haven't spoken to Andreas about it, but I know he remembers.
So I've now also tried having my first affair.

Monday, May 23

Right before I go to try to make sour-sweet sauce with chicken, I want to tell you about today. I broke up with Peter. Bon appetit.

Tuesday, May 31

It's almost funny. Things happened exactly the way I expected them to. I knew I'd end up telling Christian everything, he'd say I was only a friend and I'd get sad and not so eager to see him again. This happened last night.

Yeah.. May was just insane.

Wednesday, June 15

I'm Sofie. I fucked up my entire confidence, circle of friends, life for that matter. That's me. I'm Sofie and I call people when I'm drunk. I tell them things they don't need or want to know. I won't hang up no matter what. I'm Sofie. I cheat on the best boyfriend a girl can ask for. I'm Sofie. I fuck up every good friendsship I get. Cause I hurt people on purpose. I'm Sofie. When I like a guy, I tell him. If he doesn't like me back, I cry. I'm Sofie. I'm fat, I know it, but I still eat like a pig. I'm Sofie. I can't keep a diet. I'm Sofie. I lie to people, so that I won't have to ride my bike up hill. I'm Sofie. I'm lazy. I'm not Leah. I'm Sofie. Tell me what to be proud of?

62 days left of the vacation. The longest fucking vacation of my life.

June was a bit far out. I was really depressed.

Saturday, July 23

I won. I came, I saw, I gained interest, I bothered, I conquered.

July.. The month I started dating Christian. Nothing else mattered.

Tuesday, August 9

I bloody love the first day at school... not!

August, first day at A.G my school.

Monday, September 26

So, this bitch comes walking up, right, and she's hugging my Christian.
I had my first jealous moment in September.


October - Berlin with Christian, our first trip together.

November, I turned 17 years old. Happy birthday to me.

December; first Christmas with Christian.

All in all, this year have been.. Everything. Everything has happened this year, things I'll never be able to take back. Who knew I could develope that much in just a year? It's basically insane.

New years eve is on Saturday. Christian and I are throwing a party, which can be added on my list as "first time getting drunk on new years eve". It would seem as the perfect party if it wasn't because Mette isn't coming. I don't even think there's a valid excuse, which probably is the hurtful thing. I've decided to let it go, let the thought go, cause I don't want it to ruin anything.

So, predictions for 2006?
Lovewise, probably still be with Christian in 12 months. We'll be celebrating our 1 year & 5 months and 8 days on next new years eve.
Educationwise, I'll be very busy in 2.g after the summer vacation. The class will probably still be a good class and perhaps the others have even matured. Hopefully, the new reform won't suck as much next year. We'll see.
Familywise, we'll probably have moved. We should have a new appartment by march, but I doubt it will happen that soon. It's necessary for our economy to have moved by this time next year. Laura will probably become a real little royal bitch, with hormones and periods. I can't wait to pick up a fight with that.
Weightwise, can only hope I've lost weight. Let's see. I'm 91,something now. Will I have lost 10, maybe 15 kiloes by next year? I kinda have to.
Friendswise, I'll still have Naja, Pernille and Mette. I'm doubting on Andreas. I can't imagine what will happen. Will he have a girlfriend by then?

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