Wednesday, November 2

Am I in?

I was on my way home from Christian's today, around a quarter to five. I listened to my iPod and turned left, over the road to the beginning of my building. There was a huge que on the other side of the road. Where I was supposed to turn my bike and go into the building, some construction workers were doing their work. Imagine this scenario. I was listening to Incubus' "Are you in?". Fog was falling from the behind of the construction workers truck, the sound of an ambulance was clear in the background of the music. It was almost evening, the sky was dark. The light from an ambulance reflected in every single thing I saw. The construction workers were yelling at each others. The weather was odd. It wasn't hot at all, but it was chilly. Everything was perfect, just for a while.

Laura and I took pictures of ourselves. It's been a while since we done that last. We had a blast, fooling around, doing different faces and shots. It's nice to have a little sister around. She's a good girl, she'll become something.
I had another arguement with Jan last night. I can't even be bothered about it any longer. He's a lying, sociopathic little virgin bastard. Yet, though he know I feel that way about him, he still wants to be my friend. That just proves that he's been lying all along. I pity him.

K-PAX is on at the moment. Kevin Spacey thinks he's from the planet K-PAX and
everything just confirms that thought. I remember analysing it once, where I came to the conclusion that he was some kind of angel. I like that thought, I like Kevin Spacey and I like that movie.

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