Monday, November 14

1cd is my class

1cd is my class, and today I've begun to make a statement about what I feel about them individually. I've not been the most happy person in the world today, and I think that's why I want to write this.

TALL ANDREAS -> If I was his friend, I'd think better of him. Then I'd actually like him, because he's a very, very funny person and he's always smiling and being happy. But I'm not his friend, as I'm not in his 'clique'. I'm not one of those fake let's-go-drinking-every-night-and-I-wear-too-much-makeup types he's running around with, and I don't think it would ever occur to him to talk to me.
SIGNE -> Signe is extremely beautiful, very sexy. She's got a cute laugh, cute voice, the best style in clothes... Signe is perfect. Why do I hate her so? Why is it that I hate her so very, very much? Fact being, I hate her cause I don't hate her. I should hate her. She's unhateable, that makes me hate her, but I can't. GOSH!
CHRISTINA -> I'm very fond of Christina. I get along with her perfectly, we both have our weirdnesses and we can really talk to each otherl. She's open, funny, happy and just a great person. If she leaves the class, I'll be very, very alone.
DITTE -> One of the most fake persons I have ever met. To me, she just seems as if she has no spine. If you pay attention to it, everything she says, is just a repeat of something someone else said. She laughs alot and just kinda... she annoys me.
ANDREAS O. -> Last I described him here, I said he was the "quiet geeky type"... Not so very true. He's very funny, plus he's very acceptive of other things. He can definitely stand up to people, even his closest friends, whom all seem like they'd never do that. I like him.
Maja -> Having a hard time coping with her. No one really likes her, because she's got quite a big head and she always mentions last year where she went to the U.S. To be honest, I'd do the same as her. Brag. Boost. People are jealous. She does seem stupid though, but she's stupid in the way you can't really hate. Weird girl.
ANNIA -> She's drop-dead-gorgeous. She's very smiling, laughs at everything, can even laugh at her own mistakes. I admire her. She's just so great.

I'm tired of listing these perfect people.

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