Saturday, October 1

Oh he's so adorable, and I'm so bad. I searched a bit around the internet, and passed his favourite site. I looked at the forum and saw a tribute from him. The subject was "Gift for girlfriend" where he asked for advice on what to give me for my birthday. He is so, so, so adorable. I felt so bad for reading all the way through. No, he didn't come to a conclusion and I will do my best to stay away from there from now on. Oh, I'm such a bad girl.

The picture is me and Ida, kissing. I knew Christian allows it. Lesbian sex is his biggest turn-on. It was taken at the party last night, so I was drunk. So was she, just not as much. It was actually quite a shame, cause she told me that she'd promised another girl that she wouldn't kiss others than her with tongue. Christian would've loved that. Ok, it's admitted - I am a tiny bit annoyed with him. We were supposed to go to a party tonight. Andreas is having it, for people from his class.
We weren't supposed to get drunk or anything, just pass by and say hi and then leave. He wrote me that he didn't want to go. Tiiiiny bit annoyed, but I'll deal with it. Didn't tell him, though. I think I'm going out with him tonight, nothing fancy, just dropping by a pizzaria. I haven't seen him since thursday night - seems like forever ago. When I'm with him, I'm sure I love him. Or well. Almost sure. I hate being in doubt about things like that. No matter what I feel for him, I won't leave him, never ever. I can't do that. Never. Even if I start hating him! I won't be that person! Just as well, as I won't ever cheat on him! I do not want to be that kinda person!
I'm the person who is careless about school, who can't do well in classes... I won't be a sucker in love as well.

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The End of Zeptember
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