Sunday, August 21

I fell asleep around 1.30 last night, because I'd been at Christian's place. His mother was out of the house, so we just sat on the couch and watched 'Finding Nemo'.

We got into bed and just spooned. I fell asleep, but never admitted it. Although, I did reveal myself when I said things like "you'll make it to Germany!", because of some dream I'd had.
He followed me home around 1 o'clock and I slept around 2. Got up at 5.30, because I had to be at work at 7. When I met at work, though, I was told that I should've met at 8, but I was so very welcome to stay. Grrr.

Then something saved my day... I went to Netto to say hi to Andreas and to buy some fruits. When he saw me he gave me a great big hug. I can still feel it. Arhh, sometimes, all it takes, is a hug from a best friend. Great.

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