Monday, July 25

Last night I went to Tivoli, a great amusement park in Copenhagen. I went there with Christian. The first and the best date I've ever had. It was akward. I was rather proud to be walking down the street with his hand in mine (apart from when he did his little jazz-funk-dance, or attempted jazz-funk-dance) and I was proud to kiss him in the balloons. It felt kinda funny. <3

He's very shy, though he has an ego greater than the earth we walk upon. He's not too confident when it comes to taking the initiative. That's okay. Right now, Christian and I are testing each other's limits, seeing what's allowed, what's okay and what NOT to do. He hasn't said anything hurtful yet. I think he's being careful.. Too careful. I'm not whining about it, though. Everything I hated that Peter did, I would love it if Christian did. I guess I'm just desperate to find faults about the guy.

Ohh I saw Leah again! I haven't seen her since... well, it's been forever! In the line for one of the rides, I recognised her boyfriend, Mads - from behind. I'm skilled, I tell ya. When he said Leah was in Tivoli aswell, I couldn't wait to get through the ride and down on the ground. I think Christian was somewhat scared. When I told him that he should meet Leah, I described her as good as I possible could. The prettiest, cutest and most amazing girl ever. Ok, so I wasn't giving her enough credit. Mads led me to Leah after the ride was over. It wasn't until I stood infront of her with Christian in my left hand, I realised that she didn't know about him. She seemed very happy on my behalf. He's fucking indie.
Anyways, it was great to see her again. It's painful that I won't be seeing her everyday in school next year. Then again, if she ever forgets about me, I'll stalk her. [nods]

  • Giggle giggle. Christian and I snogged in front of some old english people. Giggle giggle.
  • He isn't fond of kissing in public. He thinks it's rude.
  • There was a little 8year old PSYCHO swedish girl with braids who wanted to kill me in Tivoli!
  • Christian bought me dinner.. Shrims sweet'n'sour.
  • It was so romantic... <3
  • This morning, he wrote me that he missed me. Aww. <3>

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