Sunday, May 22

How does this sound? Party in Sonderso. There's a slight, tiny, almost invisible chance that it will ever happen, but it's still there. 4th of June there's a party in Sonderso - my old town. Andreas and I talked the whole night, from eight to well, now. We spoke english and that was refreshing. He said that I made no mistakes whatsoever, but as the sun went down, the moon went up, my bladder got full, my english lacked and at the end I couldn't even find the correct term for 'parking lot'.
I told him about Sonderso, and I remembered everything. I love that town. It'll always be my home. Once, when I become a huge celebrity, I'll tell about the city on the Carson or Oprah show with little stars in my eyes. I'll tell it's tale as if it was larger and more important than New York. In fact, it is. To me. To celebrate Sonderso:

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