Tuesday, April 26


I'm at Peters right now. I haven't been writing a lot in this journal lately, and since the latest news, that no one has the address, I haven't felt pressured to writing either. Although, I think it's necessary anyways. Things between Peter and I... Well, I'm not sure. One moment I cry because I can't manage to force myself to have feelings for him and the next moment I'm with him and everything is just great. Not because I'm crazy about him, but because I don't mind having a good time with him. Still, I don't know if I'll ever get feelings for him. It's a very bad position I've put myself in, but hey, when was the last time a thing like this actually went good? I can't help it, I was born stupid. I'll have to just hang in there, cause I don't want to be the biggest bitch in the world and dump him without giving him a chance.
This Friday, hopefully, I'm going to see Shakin' Stevens in Tivoli.

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