Saturday, April 2

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picture 1: johan.
picture 2: very very very poor picture of christian.
you've been waiting for this blog-entry, haven't you? another drunken mistakes post. cause i always do them. i never, ever do everything right when i'm drunk. oh well. that's the price you have to pay. without alchohol, i'd still be sitting home every saturday and friday night. i've met many friends through alchohol. not that i support it. oh well. i'm not to complain.

last night i went to peters with andreas, christian, johan, ida and kasper. what did i have to drink? 4 smirnoff ice's, about ½ or more of a bottle of dooleys and a beer. it lasted longer than i thought. anyways. christian is very closely my new crush. i know it's dangerous to say that, cause it'll only lead to obsession and me being stupid around him. it's so stupid being the first to have feelings for somebody else. that i've learned. but he's so nice. he's so good looking, he has the best humor in the world, he's very sweet and not at all a smart-ass. but what did you expect? that my drunkness would sweep him off his feet?

not at all. i said, for example, to johan and christian; "so, you go to the same high school? and by 'high school' i mean: do you have a girlfriend, and by "you (both)" i mean "you (christian)".

thank god i can't remember his respond. i just wanna die. he's never gonna want anything to do with me, i'm sure.

other than that, i had a great time. andreas and peter have really become my close friends through yesterday. i love them both very much!

who needs one boyfriend, when you can have two?

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