Monday, April 4

It's monday morning and it's around 07:23. I was so happy last night that I even forgot to tell you who it was I fancied that much. It's Christian, why of course. What is a girl to do?
He's Andreas' best friend and Andreas knows. I asked him what he thought and etc., and apparently Christian is the type who wants to get to know someone first. Damnit, I hate that type. Anyways; Christian also wants someone who takes him for who he is; including his weaknesses - Counter Strike and model photos (he's got 18.800 of them). Those are plusses to me. I want to get to know him better, I really do. He's so dreamy... I'm not in love, because to be frank; I don't really know him either.
I'm not gonna be able to think that much today, I can feel it. I can't even eat. I'm not hungry! When is the last time I felt that way? Martinez never made me stop eating. LasseFrom? I don't think so. Jonas? No. Casper? Ha! As if. Mehmet? Probably. Magnus? No. But I'm not in love. Just majorly excited about this guy. Who knows what'll happen? I don't have a chance, probably. He's used to watching slender beautiful models spread their legs. What the hell do I have to supply that?
He reminds me so much of Magnus, he does. That's a good sign.

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