Saturday, April 9

It was wednesday I was with Peter for the first time. Thursday after school we went at it again. Friday, at school, we actually did some too. Friday night, last night, I had Naja, Peter and Andreas over. Jan was supposed to come too, but he ditched us in the last moment. I tried so hard to stay away from Peter, cause it wouldn't be fair on Andreas. But the more annoying Andreas became (knocking stuff over, talking loudly, saying stupid things) the more I just wanted to be with Peter. Especially when Juke, Peter's best friend, came over, and Peter started NOT touching me as he usually did. I wanted attention like mad! I kept writing him, touching him. We were acting like we were going out... We did too in school. It's weird. We're doing everything (almost) that a couple does, except.. we're not a couple. Everybody has asked us if we were together - EVERYONE. No one believes us. Martinez is madly jealous, I'm even on his block list right now. Lea* is also insanely jealous and she even has a boyfriend. Oh well...

I'm thinking of sleeping with Peter; and then again no. I'm also thinking of becoming his girlfriend, and then again, NO. I don't have feelings for him, like that. I'm not in love. But who knows? It may come? Oh I don't know.

I'm going to Italy here soon.. Monday to be precise. I can't wait.

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