Tuesday, April 5

I... am... so... angry... with... that... BIIIIIIITCH!!!

Lea* is the most abnoxious person I know! Goddamnit, she annoys me so much. We have a movie project in class, and I, the director, had one simple task for the scenario-people: buy black and white paper and make weapons out of it.
Natasia was nice, she said "No, I'm sorry, I completely forgot."
Lea* came with her lame-ass'd excuses; "No, we weren't supposed to do it, I don't want to spend my money on school" etc. Argh! I can't stand her right now.

I went shopping today with 600 kroner. I bought a bra, some thongs and a pair of shorts. I'm gonna turn back in the shorts tomorrow, cause they're not really for me. I'm actually going with Andreas.. That'll be fun!
I went shopping with Leah and Amalie. Amalie is a model and Leah has a great sense of clothing style, so I knew I was in good hands. Of course, the XLs were a bit too small for me. Or, I was too large for them, I can't quite figure it out. Shopping in the mens and Big Mamas departments didn't do me great good either, but talking to the Experts about my clothes/body thing did. I have great legs, Amalie says. And great curves? Apparently.

I'm so going to buy a hat of some kind tomorrow. And a belt. And some cheap jewellery. And a shirt of some kind... And I only have like; 300 kroner left or something. What is a girl to do?

I kinda got my future predicted today, by a guy who can read things out of someone's name. My name showed that I was gonna make it big - be a top leader, a real carrieer woman. I was gonna get happily married and have to little girls.
That's so me. And I just finished the storyboard for our short-movie. I so rule. Or not.

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