Monday, April 4

I have a million people hating me, or so it feels.
Today in english class. Suddenly Lea* yells: "You lied to me! Peter never said that I couldn't come last friday to the party!"
And of course I had said that! No way in hell did I want her there with MY friends. She's a bitch right now, with her judgements about people. She has no respect whatsoever for Kasper, Andreas and Jan. And there's no way she can meet Christian before I get my hands on him. And Ida doesn't like her either. She just wanted to be there because she had nothing better to do and because well, her "jode-pode" was there. She likes getting drunk and taking advantage of him and his tiny body. It disgusts me! Anyways. I just blushed and said: "I'm gonna listen to my music now."
Peter had told her!
Then Martinez starts interfering (of course!) and says "Why wasn't she invited?!"
I ignored him. Later, I was still upset with Peter. Andreas says; "If you don't start talking to Peter, I'll tell Christian you're a bitch."
I could just feel how Peter got sad, Martinez got angry, Andreas regretted what he said and Jan woke up. I had to say something, taking notice of all these emotions when Martinez said "You like Christian now?!"
Oh... I just blushed so much, gave Andreas the killer looks and listened to my MP3'er again. I could have shot Andreas! How dares he?!
Of course; Martinez got offended. "How many DO you like right now?"
I just said that I didn't like anyone.
In Danish class I became the director of our movie. They'll regret that so much. I'm a bitch when it comes to something like that. Martinez and Mikkel are my actors. Or, should I say, my slaves. They're all my slaves till friday!

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