Saturday, April 23

I changed the diary address again. I'm even considering not showing it to anyone and starting writing it in Danish. I'll have to think about it. Let's see. My bigbrother used to have this address. But he's my bigbrother, and I don't think Peter wants to get exposed to someone in my family. There are things you just don't want your brother to know. Leah & Amalie used to have it. They've been great with it and I love that about them... But I don't want to consider it, everytime I write something new. Mette has had it. She's the one person I'm considering giving it to again. She's reading it a lot, so it seems, and she's always been helpfull and such. She's not a threat of any kind. Sophie too, because she's so, so far away and I'll loose contact with her if I don't. Janneke? Probably not. I'm writing too few emails to her already. Merete has it as well. I love her, but she's like Janneke - I'd like to talk to her about it in person instead. Sometimes she needs to have things explained. If there are more people with this address, I guess I'll find out now. I think I'll sleep on it. Too much going on right now.

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