Wednesday, April 20

First; Peter is now my boyfriend. I'm not sure if I'm in love with him. Ok, I'm not. When I'm with him I feel like I can live without him... But when I'm not with him; I feel like he's missing. Maybe it's normal, maybe that's the way a relationsship is in the beginning. Maybe I'll learn to love him.

It all started when he went to Tjekkiet with the boys from the class (and Lea* and Natasia). I missed him like crazy, all of a sudden. Actually, it started last Saturday when we... well, while watching Shrek2 and eating Guacamole, we had sex. It was quick and rather painful, but Peter handled it like a gentleman. It was a weird feeling; as the world outside my window hadn't changed a bit. Nothing seemed to have changed at all. Except, I had a funny feeling in my stomach. The following Sunday, Peter went away. That day, April 10th, we wrote together as if we were a couple. In Italy, I wrote him and asked him if we WERE a couple. He said that he saw us as that. Soo...

Italy. I HATE ITALY!! I want to kill Italy, I want it burned to the ground. I hate it so much... Ohhh so much!! Everything about it is painfull to remember; and I don't want to. Instead; well, I'll sum up the trip as I did with Berlin, only with the people.

Rie; she is still the obnoxious BITCH she always has been. She's a whore.
Fatma; Hulya used to say a lot of bad stuff about her, and I do believe she adjusts herself and her personality by the people she meets. She only gave me a good impression. I like her. She's smiley and very cute.
Luna; I can't stand her. She's such a fake and it's so obvious. Blonde bitch.
Leah; I started talking to her in Berlin, I remember. I still care so much for her. She's so lovely. I spoke to Rune about her.. How we both thought she was so cute, so smiley and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. And I meant every word. She's just so special, in the best way possible.
Amalie; since I felt so bad on the trip (bad is not a good enough word to describe how shitty I felt) and she didn't know the full story, she liked coming with little comments, like "can I just say what I think?"... That annoyed me so much, but now when I look back on it, I can survive it. She's still very nice and she has that sweet sweet charisma! I like her!!
Rune; Oh, I'm crazy about him! He's funny, but in the good way; you don't feel like he's superior to you, as you do to Martinez and LasseFrom when they joke, no, cause he listens to your jokes and laughs. He's so honest and nice and I really like him! We've had SUCH a great laugh. And not only; he also remembered the very little and forced talk we had in Sweden in August last year. He remembered the details. That's a good guy for you there!
Camilla; Nothing has changed. She still doesn't speak to me.. But she's nice and I don't dislike her.
Kathrine; I didn't think I could find someone more negative than I. I did. Wow, she could bring out the worst in every situation! So could I, but I was at least sarcastic and tried to make it funny. She just took things too seriously. I mean; I was saying to HER that SHE was being NEGATIVE! I still spoke a lot to her, cause she's not that bad.
Hulya; she really really annoyed me! She was being too happy and too bimbo'ed. "Oh this is a fake Louis Voiuoiuioutton (?)... blah blah.".. She liked it too much. Eurgh.
Ghadir; she was so nice. A little smiling sun. I love her!
Seher; Mixed feelings. Like always.

Can you sense I'm tired? I'll come back with my rantings later on.

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