Saturday, March 5

Well, this is the day after last night. I have horrible hangovers, and painful memories from last night.

We arrived in just the right time - artistically late. Martinez, who'd said he'd be there by 10, was already there with the rest of the guys. I could feel that I was definitely not drunk enough.
Then Magnus came. I haven't seen him since like, 6 months ago. He was so gorgeous! Oh my GOD! I have damn good taste. Or, uhm, had.. Later, Hjalte, his old good friend came over and talked to me. First he asked how long I dated Magnus. Then he asked if I still fancied him and stuff, where I said; "What? It was 3 or 4 years ago.. But he's very hot! So are you, by the way!" or something like that. I don't know why he asked me that. If Magnus some day gets tired or something, of his girlfriend, Nadia, I'd be happy to take over. I mean, think about it; he has great friends, he's danish, he's sweet, funny, hot, fantastic, etc., etc,. He's everything Martinez's not.

Anyways. Martinez. Sigh. Ida* and I met these two guys. One was called Mads and the other was called Soren. Mads kinda wanted to talk to me mostly, while Soren was majorly interested in Ida. Anyways, I wasn't interested in Mads, as I'd seen Martinez speak to Nadia, that sweet, sweet girl we'd been to Piccadilly with. Mads was the type who was friends with HashLasse from my old class and that type.. He'd been drugfree for two days or something like that. He was sweet, but not my type. Reachable, I guess. So I sat there with Soren and Ida. I mean, yay. Third wheel. I asked Ida if I should find out what kind of guy Soren was, his rep and stuff like that. She said yes. So I went to find Martinez, don't know why, but I knew he knew him. He was talking to Nadia, and I bend over and whispered; "That guy Soren, how is he? Is he a bad guy? Desperate or something like that?"
Where he replied, now this hurts; "Noo, he's okay, he's a bit weird and stuff, but he's a nice guy.. so you can do what you want with him."
Followed by a wink. A friendly wink. He'd just encuraged me to be with Soren! I just stood there for a second. Said thanks and let him know that it was Ida I was talking about. I could have screamed in his face that I DIDN'T WANT SOREN, I WANTED HIM! He wouldn't have said that if he wanted me! CRY!

Earlier, I had also told Natasia - Martinez' bestest friend in the, like, entire world, bleurghhh - and she'd said to him "I know something about you.". But I think she later forgot. I'm not sure. Anyways. Stupid mistake.

So. Baljit, the guy who've I've gone to school with for 4 or 5 years sat with the guys and spoke. I was forced to sit in between them - Guuf, Yunus, Lars, etc. - and talk about the Pommer thing. Pommer was there too, he was dancing his little happy techno dance, while he tried to get together with a girl named Nanna - whom I btw, spoke to in the bathroom where she told me she'd been a major westlife fan and she had always been jealous of me. Well, Nanna!
Anyways, the guys were so funny, although they hit a nerve. They tried to teach me to drink beer and Lars told me that his cat was called the same as me, and it was large and grey and stuff. I love his cat. Lars would be a pretty nice catch as well. Hey, so would Hjalte. Although, they are also both occupied by girlfriends and small Pumbas.

Oh, Magnus... You came and you gave without taking.. But I sent you away, ohh Magnus..

I met Lea*s boyfriend, Kenneth. He does so not look like Eminem. I made sure he knew that as well, hehe.

We came home around 2:30, afterI had pulled Ida* out of Soren's grip and given him Ghadirs number instead of hers. I fell asleep. Stood up at 8, puked, went to sleep in my sister's bed. Now I'm here.

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