Wednesday, March 30

so; i spoke to peter. he told me how he'd felt and that he wasn't angry any longer, that he understood me and that he couldn't help but to feel the way he did. we talked about it and got to terms with it. neither of us could or can help how we feel or, well, don't feel. we're friends again.

henrik came to visit me yesterday. i guess i wanted; to be honest, anything but to talk to him. but that was what he did. he's not all that forward-going, and i guess i'd hate him if he was. anyways, we couldn't talk. he annoyed me a bit. he told me about his exgirlfriend, his school, his dad... nothing big. i kicked him out around 4. agreed that we were just friends and that was it. but i still wouldn't mind being with him at parties and such.

tobias wants to loan me a camera!! favourite bigbrother in the world!

oh well, i have to go. i have to write a manuscript (essay, free subject) and a poem analyses till tomorrow and it's 10:40. glad i got my pepsi.

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