Wednesday, March 23

LAN-party = boys buffet. i went to LAN last night with henrik, also to see if he was someone i could fall for. and, no, probably not. he'd be the kinda guy you're having fun with to parties and such as.
but the LAN-party! it was great fun! i killed people! i even killed on of sjallands best players, named ex inferris. the guys were so proud of me, hehe. i was treated as if i was one out of four girls among 200 guys - well, because i was. very nice. i don't know why, but i felt very "touchy feely".. i kept touching peter, cause he's so sweet and so nice. hehe.
at one moment i was just holding his hands, when martinez came by. he was talking, he was very drunk, then he stopped, just for a split second to look at peter and i; and i just knew it. that was the split second where martinez made himself another opinion of me. he most likely just lost more respect for more, or perhaps he just added another degrading word about me to his dictionary about me. i didn't give a flying pig's ass. i just kept touching peter and pretended to not see martinez. later, i was being a real bitch towards him and he gave me the very underrated sentence; "what have i done?"

henrik went home around 11. i went home around 2.

p.s andreas' brother was there, sober and couldn't remember a thing. god, he's boring when sober.

p.p.s i like andreas' unheard-of friend kristian. he's so funny, nice and he reminds me of magnus.

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