Wednesday, March 16

i think leah is sad. so i'm doing this diary entry, the leah style. i'm thinking about showing her this diary again. she's not feeling very good, and if she can be entertained by this thing, then why not? it would almost be selfish of me not to show it to her. the reason why i didn't let my classmates see it, was because they came too close. i hope leah will stay close! she knows a lot about me now. and i think i know something about her.
_ she's indie
_ she's pretty
_ she's fond of music
_ she was once blond!
_ she worships satan in the darkness of her basement... or not.
_ she likes mouses singing.
_ she, just like me, doesn't fancy bitch parties.
_ she's deeper than most girls her age (thank god)
_ she's a good, good friend.
and what was my first impression of leah?
we were in sweden on our intro-trip. i know. horrible words, them "sweden" and "intro trip". anyways. i slept next to amalie and leah... i remember thinking; those are the girls i want to become friends with. they're the only danish girls at this school!
... so it felt!!! (emo / indie kids always make three !s)

this takes me back to last friday, the 11th march. amalie, leah, lea*, ida, natasia and lea*s boyfriend and lea*s boyfriend's friend and i all went to copenhagen to my brother's party.. or mikkel's party... anyways, a party held at central park in copenhagen. the vodka burned my throat and i just couldn't take it in, so i was painfully sober all night.
when we got there - i was, of course v.i.p and got in for free - they took my vodka (thank you?) and left me with nothing but a non-blurry sight. all the girls, apart from leah, went dancing. leah went upstairs to play with her phone and hold jackets. i hate dancing, i really do. i suck at it. i really really cannot dance. but the girls made me do it... as much as possible. the girls on the dancefloor were bitches! i was like; you gotta be jokin' me! they gave me the KILLER eyes all the time, pushed around, one girl even KICKED my freakin' leg because i walked past her! i started hating being there, as i couldn't afford to get drunk. plus, i was upset on the behalf of leah! i tried to sit with her, but the music and smoke and guys (btw, like, 90% of the guys were 'foreigners'...) made it impossible for us to talk. finally, my brother came, and leah said she wanted to go home - and that she'd go home alone if it was necessary. i loved her! i immediately said i'd go with her. amalie started acting bitchy and all, which i understand a bit, but not completely. she was a bitch towards leah i think. so unfair. anyways, i said goodbye to tobias - which got caught on a picture by mikkel, btw. then we left. i liked the ride home. it was nice chatting to the girls and tho it had been a horrible night for poor sober me, i liked the thought of being out on the town with leah and amalie.

leah was a bit sad, because amalie was acting that way... i tried to cheer her up a bit.. i think i was simply too tired to do it right, but at least i tried. i have to make it up to her. i have to go with her to an indie concert sometime. - when i get the money.
i owe my brother 300, i owe ida 40... i still owe henry 150,-... it's so awful..

on the other hand, i did get a job at the bakery. it's nice. sure, you can eat all you want, but i choose not to. so far i made it. what do you say? i'm a good girl? i know.

i think i have to go now. i don't know what i'll do with leah... i think i'll give it to her. if she promises me to smile.

in dedication to leah:
leah's great, leah's funny,
leah's emo, leah's indie!

leah's sweet, leah's wonderful,
leah's amazing, leah's beautiful!

leah's a princess, leah will mend,
cause leah is the best indie friend!

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