Sunday, March 27

i hate opening my diary and seeing the peter thing as the first. i found the tests on a website earlier and thought i'd test myself. a good friend. hah. i should be asleep by now, i think. the girls called me from horsens, oh, because they had so much fun. yeah - cause i couldn't sink lower than this. i wrote a song;


The time when you and I were one,
The time when we were together,
I loved you, you loved me,
All we had left to remember

How was I too blind to see
that though your kisses were gentler,
We were not ready enough,
To face a past to remember

Go away, don't look back,
Safe yourself from this misery
Faster now, don't ever stop,
Let our time be a memory

Go away (faster now, you don't know who is waiting)
Don't look back (I'll only keep you hoping)
Faster now (I only want you to be happy)
Don't ever stop (but promise to never forget me)

it's still in the working process though.

i don't know.

i'm confused. i think i'll send peter a message before i go to sleep /soon/ cause i can't stand this any longer. and i'll ask leah for advice as well.

damn it, if anyone teases him and me in school, i don't know what to do. i want to protect him. no one wants to be teased with something like that. argh, school massacre here i come.

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