Thursday, March 3

I am so tired, it's unbelievable. I'm wondering, what if I get up early tomorrow - oh, let's say 8? I have an hour to clean up my room and do the rest of my picture analyses. Or I could just shoot myself. Damn it, I'm so tired.

Anyways... Martinez? Is he still nice to me? I got a picture of his.. friend?... a girl named - shudder shudder - Putte. She's the girl he once almost had a threesome with. She wrote him at Arto, and I hate it. He thinks she's a whore though. Heh.

Tomorrow there's a party.. It's Lea*s and Pumba's birthday party. Oh, I still don't have a present for them. Oh well, their loss. I'm gonna meet up with Ida and we'll have loadsa fun.

Hulya and Ghadir teased me today... I "spoke" to Pommer today, for the first time since IT happened. Well, Hulya asked him if he was going to the party. Then she asked me. We both said yes. Then Leah broke into some kind of unsatisfied sigh, and I said; "Aww c'mon, at least it's not PiccaDilly!" cause she really hates Piccadilly. Then Pommer said; "Hey! There's nothing wrong with PiccaDilly."
That was our meaningful conversation.

Today, I've been really moody, I don't know why. I felt like hitting Hulya and Ghadir really, really hard. REALLY! Oii, so awful. I was so angry all day. God knows why!

I am so tiiired..

Then I went to the movies with Tobias and Stina. It was very nice, though I only heard and saw half of "The Grudge", which we saw. Stina is still so nice... They suit each other perfectly. To be honest, I thought that she'd leave him right after she'd seen his stepfathers side of the family - mine! Hehe.

Now I know why I'm writing here. It's to get out of making my analyses. Damn it. DAMN IT.

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