Tuesday, March 8

... And then we hugged. Again. I hugged Martinez for the second time ever. Hey, remember the last time? It was actually 4 months minus one day since. It was the 9th of November. I remember this, because it was the day before my birthday. Now it happened again. The whole evening started when Lea* invited me to her place along with the others; Yunus, Pommer, Natasia, Nanna (westlife girl from the party), Martinez and me. It was funny, alright, and I got an awful lot of attention from Martinez, because of the prank Merete and I are pulling on him, with her fake profile at Arto. He called himself "unscoreable". Well, gee. He touched me a lot. Put his hand on my shoulder, put his foot against mine, etc. He was very nice. I won't fall for him again, please don't let me do it. I was just getting used to not obsessing.
Good news! The girl Nadia he hit on at the party has gotten together with Mickey who used to go to our school. So ha ha ha, in your face, Martinez.
Ohh, damn, he also asked Natasia; "What is the story you wanted to tell me at the party?"
She'd forgotten that I'd told her that I fancied Martinez at the party, and she'd just told him "I know a story about you, but I'll tell you later." And then she forgot. But he didn't. So Natasia tried desperately to get it out of me. But I refused to say it. I was strong. Be damn proud of me. She can't know, she can't, she can't, she can't. She's his "very bestest friendliest friend in the entire world" - ew.
I was apparently more drunk than I thought last Friday. All the things I thought I'd only mentioned a few times, I'd said like 20 times. Especially the "We're the only two who hasn't been drinking" line to Yunus. And the "Magnus is so hot" line to Lea*. It's awful. Anyways.
There's a party at Central Park, somewhere in Copenhagen, being held by Mikkel, my brother's friend. I'm trying to get as many as possible to come with me. It would be so cool... Especially Martinez. He said he'd think about it.
Oh, where was I?
After having been to Lea*s place, we went to the gasstation and sat down a bit. Then we walked home, till it was only Natasia, Martinez and me. I hugged them both goodbye. One armed. Oh yeah. I'm tired. I better check my mails 'n stuff and go to sleep.

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