Thursday, February 10

We had our "pre-math test" today, the written one. I did all 6 assignments in 1,5 hour, and then I couldn't do any more. I was the the 2nd of our class to leave. Then Ryan gave me 8 for my "moving away from home" project. He said to me, "If you can solve this in 5 minutes, you'll get 9."
Of course, I couldn't do it, although it was the most simple thing since slicing bread. So keep in mind that even slicing bread can be hard sometimes.
It's also Hulyas birthday today, she turns 17. She's so great, I care so much for her.
Remember last monday? After the teather we went to with school, I walked with Martinez home... Or correction, he was the only one headed all the way to my place, whereafter he borrowed my bike and drove home. We started talking a bit about Lasse and how Lasse had been teaching me danish/latin grammar on the train towards Roskilde last friday. He said, after having pleaded if he could come to the TSE-party, "Can I please hit that guy?"
A series of images ran through my head. I said that well, of course he could hit Lasse. It was so nice of him, although it probably wasn't for my sake he wanted to do it. Just hearing about those 2 minutes of Lasse-wannabe-wisdom made him irritated. Well, Martinez, try having been crazy about the guy.
I'm, by the way, cancelling the party. God, I feel like 140 people are going to be disappointed because of me, and Lasse, well, he'll probably hate me and have me assasinated or something. I just need to get it off my chest before the holiday, don't want that ruined.
I can't wait till tomorrow! First the written english exam (still a test one) then a visit by Henriette and then to Fyn to be with my grandmother! I hope it'll be fun!

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