Thursday, February 10

Scorpio - Long-distance communications either from or about a dear one will bring you good news -- news you've been waiting on for a long, long time. You can kick back and relax now. It's time to reap the rewards of patience.

WHAT!? I really, really can't wait to get those good news.

LasseFrom... Oh, I wanna smack his floppy ass till he's one big piece of pale fat, and then I want to feed him to.. to.. to... fungus!

I told him about the party being cancelled and he let out (as I'd expected) ALL his frustrations on me! On me! In my most girly days of the month! He sounded like a big baby, and I just hate him! I hate him! Really! Martinez, PLEASE come and kill him for me. I'll pay you loads. I'll be your slave forever. I'll clean your toilet with my own electric toothbrush. I'm begging you.

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