Wednesday, February 23

My life is symbolic! If my life was a movie, they'd be discussing it at the imdb boards.
See. We were in Danish class and Birthe showed us all an "artistic" picture of some kids, all wearing different footballclub-related shirts. One wore a Brondy shirt. Lasse was a huge fanatic of Brondby. Martinez didn't know this. Yet, Martinez said; "Brondby sucks!"

If this had been a movie, the comments it would get would be as this; "You can see that when Martinez says that Brondby sucks, he's really reffering to Lasse, and that let's us know that Lasse really sucks and that Martinez is better."

So right.

So what else? Martinez. Sigh. He was so nice to me today. Not extraordinarily nice, but sweet. He sat on my, tried to, spoke to me, didn't want to be excluded from conversations. He also had his arm around Natasia at one point, but I'm trying to erase the picture from my mind.

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