Thursday, February 3

I think I figured it all out! "It" being my sad love life. See, during the last two days, I've become very, very good friends to Peter, who's being very nice to me. Well, Andreas is being very nice to me as well. I caught myself thinking, "what if they're into me?"
Selfish thought, I know, but that's not the point.
At the start, Martinez was very nice to me. So was Lasse. See a pattern? Because they were also charming and "my type", I fell for them - because I subconsciencely thought they liked me. And as you know, I tend to put too much into things, and so I've done with Lasse and Martinez. That's also why I tend to forget about them after a week or two without contact with them, and why I fall for them again, when they talk to me nicely again.
I solved my puzzle.
Neither is love. I'm not in love. It's all false feelings, because my subconscience teases me.
- You know you've overanalysed, when...
Sophie and Tobias got this link, and no one else. I won't give it to anyone in my class!

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