Friday, February 4

I spent the morning with Lasse. As romantic, pure and sexy as that sounds, it was far from being anything like that. I met him at the train station. I had been up since 5, taken the earliest bus and had waited 20 minutes for him. We hugged at first, and then we started chit-chatting. We took the train, chit-chatted. Took another train. Chit-chatted. Jumped out of that train and "ran" away from each other. How utterly wonderful.
I could be crazy about him, as he IS funny and a great guy... But there's no chemestry.

I went with Rikke to school. That was such a nice experience to see teachers being engaged, and the students too. I am so looking forward to next year.

Martinez is now jealous of Peter. Hm.

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