Sunday, February 13

I care so much for my dad. He's the best in the entire world.

I'm so annoyed at the moment - yeah, it's called hormones. My mum is driving me CRAZY! I feel like punching her so hard all the time. "Looks like someone has to do the dishes!" ¤%#&@£${!!! Of course!! How else are we gonna be able to ever eat again?? "How is project laundry coming up?" I'm in my bed watching TV, what the hell do you think!?

I got 500 kroner from my grandmother. Now I have to pay for the concert in Horsens myself! If I hadn't told my mum about the money, she'd have paid for everything. Selfish thinking? So what.

I've deleted everything I have that reminds me of Lasse. The pictures on my phone, the messages from/to him, his MSN, the songs on my computer, and I'm gonna take down most of my pictures from the wall as well. But no matter what I do, it still comes back to haunt me, as people write me all the time complaining that the party is off, well HALLELULJAH gee, guess what!? The party won't happen just because you weep about it! Is it? No! Forget it.

I feel like chocolate, candy and cola.. Help me! I must save money! It seems like everything is ruined at the moment. I just want to sleep or go outside or something - anything to get away from this place. I'm gonna go exercising with Amalie tomorrow. Right now, I really don't feel like it.

I've never felt so ugly in my life.
Jay McGraw: That's not possitive thinking.
Me: So?
Jay McGraw: It doesn't help your confidence, if you think like that all the time.
Me: Gee, you think!?
Jay McGraw: You have to stop telling yourself negative things. For example, what do you like about your body?
Me: This!
*Punches Jay McGraw so that he looses 3 teeth.*

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