Monday, January 24

The sweetest thing happened between Mehmet and me today. In the computer room he asked me "How do you say 'kon' in English?"
Now, in Danish 'kon' can mean both pretty and sex.
"Pretty." I said. He looked what so ever confused.
"No, no" he then said, "I mean... I'm a boy and you're a girl."
"Ooohh... Sex!"
And he then started giggling like a little school girl. Or was that me? I swear. I have to get drunk with him and a toilet. I won't regret it.

Also, did you know, that if you open this website at the school, you get a warning message about pornographic context? That's wild.

I have loadsa homework to do, really. But I'm going to workout with Bjanka in a minute.

Oh, while Martinez tried to find my diary on google, hehe, he wrote "his charming accent" in the box. I was laughing my ass off, as he was convinced I had that written somewhere in here. Kasper kept saying, "I could have gotten the link out of Andreas when he was drunk". My thoughts? "No, cause then Andreas would have been a girl from the waist down now."

Did I forget to mention how very goodlooking Mehmet is?

Oh oh oh, while Martinez was doing another one of his me-sucking-Pommers-noodle drawings on the computer, Mehmet came by. Martinez then shut down the window saying "I'm doing it for you."
Like, how confusing/sweet is that guy?

I feel great. I also talk too much.

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