Saturday, January 22

A series of pictures has arrived from the almighty Tobias!

I call this: "Though I live here, I'm still a picture-snapping tourist by heart."
What I think: Great, but what is it?
Conclusion: It's raining in Denmark, but the sun will always shine - somewhere else.

I call this: "Dubai is also great at night."
What I think: So what, so is Berlin.
Conclusion: In dark, all cats look the same.

I call this: "Car I'm too young to drive in."
What I think: Great, but yellow.
Conclusion: He may be 19, but he's too young to drive a car with only two doors.

I call this: "Vegetables have feelings."
What I think: The cucumber gives me dirty thoughts.
Conclusion: Tobias is weird.

I call this: "Tomatoes must die."
What I think: Tobias has way too much time on his hands.
Conclusion: It's obvious that tomatoes must bleed ketchup.

I call this: "Red bull must die."
What I think: ... better that than Romeo!
Conclusion: My brother is a homocidal maniac. Run!

I call this: "Tobias is a psycho."
What I think: I have to remember to put all dangerous objects away, once he comes to visit.
Conclusion: No more red bull for Tobias.

I call this: "Headache sucks."
What I think: Now my head hurts again.
Conclusion: Though he has too much time on his hands, he's very creative.

I call this: "To mock my sister."
What I think: He knows I hate ketchup and I have bad luck in love.
Conclusion: Bastard.

I call this: "I may live here, but I can still get lost somewhere in the dessert."
What I think: What the hell was he doing in the dessert??
Conclusion: He has too much time on his hands.

... But I still care for him.

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