Saturday, January 29

I'm so tired of being ill. I've had the flu since last thursday and it's starting to get to me mentally. For example, I was watching yet another soap on TV, and I started laughing at the lamest joke ever.
Then today, LasseFrom called me about the invitations to the TSE party we're throwing - together. Yes, it has surprised me as well. Apparently, I'm now a part of it all, though Lasse is taking all the credit - why am I not surprised and why do I not care?
I miss seeing people, and I'll spend the whole of tomorrow on getting well. Uhm.
Nothing else is happening, really. I'm just lying in my bed, watching TV, eating sour bonbons and drinking apple juice. My mother gets on my nerves, and well, I haven't been outside a door since wednesday. I miss wearing jeans! I miss talking to people.

Apparently Pommer was in school this Friday... Lea said that he didn't get teased about anything. And Martinez was there. Weird. Does he only tease me - because it's me? I don't know. Even my english is lacking now.

Is it unnormal to hear voices in your head?

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