Tuesday, November 9

Very sexy

Which was best, yesterday or today, I don't know. It was amazing. Yesterday, everything was changed between Martinez and I. We spoke like we were the best of friends. He smiled, I smiled, sparks were flying everywhere, okay maybe not, but it was a nice feeling. I gave him my oranges, I cleaned up after him, I scratched his back, etc. and Pommer said "Have you gotten yourself a slave?"
It was so nice talking to him. Apparently, Maiken, whom he was supposed to talk to about the whole relationsship thing couldn't come over yesterday, today nor any other days. For some reason, it makes me angry. She doesn't know how lucky she is. If I had Martinez calling my name, I'd be there on the spot immediately. Anyways, no can do. He doesn't think of me like that. I have to play hard-to-get.. I really do. It's just hard when he sits next to Sara and speaks to her. I make Lea call him whenever he tries to communicate with her. Lea is so nice to me.. Hülya isn't, but in the good way.

I keep imagining how it would be, to have him near. I know it sounds cheesy, but c'mon. I wish he'd just think to himself, "Ohhh, isn't she nice! I'm so much in love with her." and then I'd be very happy.
Ohhh, and today! Oh my god! I sat next to Martinez and I asked him to say something in his language. First he didn't want to do it, but then I convinced him. When he said it - whatever he said - it shot shivers down my spine. It sounded so sexy! Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh...

Things are fuzzing 'round in my mind, things are so confusing. I can't believe I keep falling for those guys, with whom I don't have a chance.

Note to self: Must stop touching Martinez and chasing him.

Oi, yesterday at the teacher-parent meeting, Tina told me next week, when I'm at my internship at Urban, there'll be a BIG surprise awaiting me. Like the biggest in my life, the biggest ever!
- I just can't figure out what it is. I hope it has something to do with either a job or an interview with a huge star.

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