Sunday, November 7

Not a chance!

What am I thinking? Me? A chance with Martinez?? I must have lost my mind. What did he do last night? Well, he drank of course. He partied. He was being 'cool'. What did I do? I watched cartoons with my mother and sister, and did some of my math homework. See the difference? Ya, I thought so. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and some of Friday, we'd be great together, but what about the weekends? We're supposed to say "See ya monday!"?
He won't change, I can't ask him to change. Why should I change for a guy? Oiii, I don't know. Hülya said to me, that I could party without drinking. Well, yeah..! Du'h.. But me being social with his friends - his many female friends - without drinking? God, what am I thinking. I might as well give up now. He'd have to be very, very, very much in love to live with my mistakes. God, how embarrassing. Lasse-problem all over again. I don't wanna do this. I don't want to fall for yet another guy who has a life. I don't!

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