Tuesday, November 2


"And we'll take 5 mero." - Jacob today at exercise. It cracked me up. I'll miss having him. Oh, but life goes on and exercise is more than starring at a pretty little butt.

My mum said something remarkable to me just now. We were talking about the diet team I'm at and she said, like it was the most natural thing to say for her, "I'm proud of you. I thought you were going to fail."
Not that her overwhelming trust in me did me any good, but the words "I'm proud of you" has made an impact. I nearly started crying. I'm glad she told me. But if she can say it like she did today, why doesn't she say it more often? F. ex when I get good grades? Damn it, I got two 13s in 7 days. That's extreme..!

I am tired, though it's only 22 o'clock. I have been up since 5:30 to do my spinning. And I woke up every 15 minute last night. So I better get going.

So far, only 4 people have my blog-address: Merete, Carry, Paul and Mette. So far, I've only gotten possitive responds from Carry and Merete. God bless their furry little arses.

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