Monday, November 8


Last night I went to the gasstation with Lea from my class. I told her about my feelings towards Martinez, how I felt, how I thought and what I wanted from him. She was actually very, very helpfull. We talked it through, and it was really nice. We went back to my place, because she had to borrow a DVD. We saw that Martinez was online. Lea started writing him, telling him that she was another Lea, my friend from boarding school, who lived in Brønshøj. She talked to him about nothing and everything and it was really fun, cause he was so sweet. Then she asks "What do you think of her?" - then I just think, no I don't need to hear this, I don't need to hear this.
Then he writes:
"She's very nice and a good person to talk to,
A real friend,
And we're going to have babies together."
I smiled with all my heart. That was all I wanted to hear from him. The baby-thing is an intern joke we have going - cause we both have lotsa brains, so our kids would be perfect!
Anyways, Lea kept talking to him, till he had to go for 15 minutes. Then I took over, when he came back. I did, what I knew I shouldn't do, but what turned out to be okay in the end. I asked about Maiken, cause he'd told Lea that there wasn't a real chemistry between them.
He tells me, that he isn't in love, he just likes her. Apparently, she was the one who started kissing him, he said - that has to mean something, doesn't it? He says that today is the day he's going to find out more.
I played Dr. Phil and gave him advises on women, feelings and stuff like that. I think he opened up. I hope he did. Then I wrote him "There's someone I like a bit as well." and he asked "Who?".
I said "You don't know him."
Before I went to sleep, I wrote him thanks and told him that he was a real friend to me as well.

I don't need his genitals, if I can have his friendsship! Right now, I feel like I could face any danger - including Maiken - cause hey, I'm his 'real friend'. I'm so happy. It's undescribable. Anyways, I'm off to school in a bit, then my happiness might end. It usually goes wrong after it has gone so right.. Right?

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