Wednesday, November 3


Martinez: wassa
Me: wie gehts?
(how are you? in german)
Martinez: gut
(good in german)
Me: gut gut
Me: I thought you were going to be with your boyfriend today. He couldn't make it?
(I couldn't help but saying that!)
Martinez: No, he couldn't.
Me: Seriosly, I didn't know you had a girlfriend.
Martinez: Am I too ugly? Is that what you're saying? Or just the type who never scores?

Me: That's not what I'm saying. Yes, I am that type, but that's not why.
Martinez: is it because I fool around too much in school? Yes, that's why!
Me: No, Martinez.
Martinez: There must be a reason!
Me: You're not offended are you?
Martinez: me offended? No, not by you! You're too sweet for that.
(Then I make a load of smilies and decides to tell him about my feelings)
Me: Are you alone?
Martinez: Yes and my mother, she just got here.
Me: Say hi!
(Then I fortunately don't hear more from him. Thank God, I was just about to make a mistake there.)

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