Monday, November 1

Letter #1

I just recieved this letter at, and I think you should read.

dear love
how are you? hope you are doing fine and cool.I happened to browse through your page and i must comfess to you that i really like what i saw.I know this doesn't buy me anything but i am looking at the most beautiful lady in the world.I am not a naturally born teaser;but you look absolutely cute and radiant my are a woman to gladden the heart of any man.Tell me just to satisfy my curiosity.Were you put together by an architect or you did grow that way naturally?You are my match of a woman,i have been longing to meet all the while.And when i see interesting looking people i am always curious because i may be able to learn something new.
In a nutshell i will like to know you much better,we have so much in common and i felt we could be friends.Waiting for your response so that we can chat and know each other better.
Until then you have a very special place in my affections.
foundest love,


If I am scared or flattered is not to tell.

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