Wednesday, November 3

Happy Thoughts!

I'm sitting here, thinking a bit, after having had a tiny chat with Lasse. Why be sad? Yeah so Lasse isn't the least bit interested and Martinez has a girlfriend, so what? They're amazing personalities and I love them both very much. They both put a spark in my life, more than they probably would if I was dating them. I'm lucky to know them. Friendship is often better than relationsships, so if I can just develope a relationship with Martinez, now I can't complain. They're both so nice to me and they make me feel so good about myself. If something happens, more than the friendship, well, I'll be a lucky girl. If not, then I'll have in the back of my mind, the knowledge that I know the two best guys in the history of humans. I can't sit here all my life sobbing during long, sad love-songs. Life's too short for that.

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