Wednesday, November 10

Happy birthday, bitch.
Finally I've reached the age I've been claiming I've been for the past 3 years. What happens? Martinez fucks me, and not in the good way. Being a cold-hearted, selfish and blind prick, he managed to destroy my evening in some way. I'm sad, I admit it.
It went like this. I wrote him over MSN, I don't know why I did it, I just couldn't resist. I asked him what he was doing tomorrow. He said : "Gonna go exercise, but not with you."
SLAM ! right in the face. He then claimed his mother had said he couldn't be with Danish girls. Whether to believe him or not.. Oh, I don't know. It just hurt my feelings so much. It's my birthday for crying out loud, why is he like that? In school he didn't want to say hi. When I txt'd him, he didn't even break a smile. Nothing. A mumbled "Happy birthday" was all I got.
Dirk Diggler told me to forget about him.. He's helping me recover by being my play-pretend-boyfriend.. So nice of him.
I got almost 2000 kr. now.. Nice feeling..! I also got earrings and a stuffed teddy. Oh and an awful bracelet from Ib. He's doing it to punish me, I swear.
Anyways, it's getting late and I got Orange County later on and spinning tomorrow morning. May the Gods be with me.
And may Martinez' dick be superglued to his balls.

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