Thursday, November 4

*biggest grin*

Okay, forget all bout this "me being grateful"-shit, cause that ain't happening!

Oh, where do I start? Martinez and I were seated next to each other all day today, and we had a whole lot of fun. We joked, we playfaught, we smiled, we laughed, ohh it was fantastic. Then at the end, apparently, I felt it was time to destroy the mood, so I wrote him on a piece of paper "What's the name of your girlfriend?"
He wrote me back that he wouldn't tell. I kept begging him and he started ignoring it. Now, then I got confused. I made him write the first 2 letters of her name. He wrote "ma". Through the rest of the day I guessed on names! He kept saying "no". So frustrating. I followed him to the cleaning-room, where he finally said "I've never said I had a girlfriend! I could just be sleeping with her!"
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! I told him that he'd told Lea that he had a girlfriend yesterday - I quoted him. He shrugged it off.
When I came home, I went on MSN to guess on the name Madina. He said no again. After 10 minutes or so, he asked me if I had run outta names. Finally, FINALLY, he said to me "Ok... I don't have a girlfriend, I lied.
Thank God.
I asked him "Why?" and he said "I don't know" and I said "Okay."
End of discussion... Till I sent him a "............................... :-D"
He 'smiled' back.

I'm so happy right now. Fuck being grateful, Martinez is single! Okay, not that that means I have a better chance, but hey - if I don't get to kiss him, no other girl will! I like that thought. On the other hand, he is spending fairly much time with Natasia. But she's with Mikkel. Isn't she?

It's time to listen to some "Whiskey In The Jar"! That song never fails to make me happy - the Metallica Version, of course.

I've almost forgotten what else has happened today. Oh, we were told about the Germany-trip, which is in the start of January. I hope that I can get to meet Carry.

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