Tuesday, November 2


What a beautiful day.

I started of @ 5:30 this morning, at the gym. I spun for an hour, took a shower and went to school, where I could actually find out what we did in math!

We did something like this:
Kn = K (1+x)n

It looks confusing. But it's really not. Ryan spent 15 minutes trying to explain it to us, and we didn't understand a thing. Martinez spent 15 seconds explaining it and it made sense to all of us. He got a full applause. It made sense to me. I felt so good. Perhaps exercise does make you smarter. So fortunately, I have spinning tonight as well.

I got my tops from tshirthell.com!

They're not quite large enough, so I have to loose more weight. Hopefully, they'll look better on me by 25th and 26th November. I so have to impress the 5 irish lads.

Martinez confused me today. He was really kind and all, but he seemed to not care that much about my presence during the first two hours. I really wish I knew what was going through his mind. He joked around with me a bit and that was cool.

You know how it feels, when someone you care for says "we" about you and him? To me, it's like getting struck by lightening or something. I get all warm inside and I blush. I really can't explain why, it's just a feeling I get. Well, Martinez said 'we' about us, when he told the teacher we were together on an assignment.

I blushed.

We got back our english essays, mine was "My perfect day". Our teacher, Tina, told me that she could not see any reason to not give me a 13, which is like an A+. The first thing I blurted out was "Again?!" and I just couldn't help smiling like a sun.
The guys called me "geek", which was okay. It's fun being a geek sometimes.

I wrote my mum and dad. My dad wrote back that I was good and I was daddy's girl, hehe.
My mum wrote what two of her co-workers had said, something like "Wow" and "Oh my god". She wrote "congratulations."

I don't like it when she says that. It's like it's 100% my achievement. I mean, I know it is, but still, if she said "I'm glad,", "I'm proud," or something like that, I'd be way more happier.

Anyways, when something good happens, something bad is destined to happen as well.

I wonder what will go ultimately bad in the end.


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