Sunday, October 31

Wilbur wants to kill himself

Just saw "Wilbur wants to kill himself".. It's a very, very sweet story, and I think it makes it into my top 20 movie list. I really liked the main character and Mads Mikkelsen were (I'm saying "were" because he was so good, that he counted for 2.) just wonderful, despite his awful Danish accent.

Next saturday I'll have Mette and Naja over for a girls night in. It will probably be loadsa fun, as Naja is evil-by-nature and Mette will agree to just anything. A pair of natural born bullies. Ahh, I love them anyways.

Tomorrow I'm off to school again, after a long deserved weekend. I'm going to see Martinez and all the other people I live to hate and hate to love.

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