Sunday, October 31

Dear mum,

Sometimes I feel like screaming at you, for being so blind. How can someone so smart and so ahead of others, not see their own daugther's cry for attention?
Just a simple question like "How was your day?" or "How did it go with your essay?" can make a world of difference, but no. I got an A+ yesterday and you never mentioned it. What's the point of getting an A+, if your own mother doesn't care? Why even bother studying if an F- means as much as A+?
What's the point in trying to be the best, if the one you're trying to impress, looks at you like you weren't there?
What's the point if your mum doesn't care?
I know you're scared that I'll get hurt if I'm not home all night. You're almost desperate to keep me inside the house, but when I'm there, it's like you don't care. It feels like I'm in the way. There's no communication. You never ask what I do, you never ask if I want to do something with you, you never ask, mum.
Do you have any idea how much it could do for me, if you just asked?
You don't even have to listen to my answer, you don't have to mean it. You don't have to read my essays, if only you could sit with the paper and pretend. If only you would pretend to care, I could pretend that you were being honest. Then we would be one happy family.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:18) : 

It's Carry here! I totally feel you. Sometimes I feel as if I'm flying aimlessly without the wind beneath my wings. Sometimes I feel as if I'm living for no reason. Sometims I wish my mum would be proud of me and tells me that she loves me unconditionally. Mum I love you unconditionally with all your mistakes. Do you love me too?


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