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Thursday, October 7

Crush # 2

The guy. Martinez is his name. He's from Lithauania. I'm not in love. It's just some feelings which has caught me by surprise. Like, he's the only one I'd lend money. I pray that he'll sit next to me in class when he comes in. I try to make him laugh. I try to talk to him all the time. To be nice and tell him that I think he's sweet. He's like one of the most funny guys on earth {Like I used to think Lasse was.. Like I still think Lasse is.}...
He's not ugly and he's got a funny accent. He's actually smart in school {Like Lasse...} and he's a real social guy {Like Lasse..}
He lives at his own place and he's 17 years old. He's in my class. All my classes, actually. He's really caring about my feelings, it's like he finds it hard to joke with me {he likes insulting jokes.}
It's like he doesn't know how to be kind without being harsh. Like the guys in kindergarden who hit you if they liked you.
But he manages to make me laugh!
Sometimes he goes to sit on my lap. I'm not the only one he does that with, but still. He treats me the same way Lasse did - and Lasse turned out to be an arsehole {well, most of the time.}
He's just so sweet. I'm not in love tho. I just like him more than the other guys. It's so difficult, I don't want to go into this icky love stuff again, I've had enough.

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