Sunday, October 31

'Carol's Inn'

Carol's Inn
Written by Splat !

Saddened tears in his eyes,
Hitting his thighs,
Showing his lies,
Can no longer disguise,
The lost lives,
Of the men at Carol's Inn

Praying to the lord,
Aches in his heart,
Tearing him apart,
All good at start,
Now it's all a part,
Of the men at Carol's Inn

Nothing left to live for,
Crying eyes are sore,
No one knows what they saw,
Memorized ghost from the war,
But they'll never close the door,
For the men at carol's Inn

She brings them in, wounded as tough,
She knows their time has been rough,
Of firm scars they have got enough,
She knows the hauntings will never stop,
She only gives her love,
To the men at Carol's Inn

God bless the men at Carol's Inn

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